Collège et Lycée Saint-Charles

Initiating knowledge

The first steps a human being takes on the path to knowledge are decisive. At Saint-Charles, children and adolescents follow the public school curriculum. The reduced class sizes allow students to tackle subjects in greater depth. This makes all the difference.

The school welcomes primary school children from the 5th HarmoS onwards. The students receive highly structured teaching. They are supervised by a teaching team that work together closely. The programmes extend beyond the requirements of the PER (Plan d’Études Romand, the Francophone Swiss Studies Plan).

The teaching schedules are different from that of public schools, especially in terms of the transition to secondary school. Students make use of the 5th and 7th year of primary school to familiarise themselves with the school, and in particular with intensive language learning. Subsequently, the 8th and 9th year allow children to finish their training in order to choose their future paths at the end of the 9th year.

Ecole - intérieur (photo de M. Philippe Girardin) Ecole - intérieur (photo de M. Philippe Girardin)

Supervised homework

After lessons, students can stay in the College and work with the school teachers to do supervised homework. In this way, they benefit from personalised coaching and develop the autonomy they will need in their future lives.

The supervised homework sessions are optional, and registration for these is processed at the beginning of the school year.

Learning strategies

The student’s schedule includes a learning skills class dedicated to learning strategies. In this way, they can discover (and then use) the best ways to learn and consolidate their skills. This instruction is carried out under the guidance of their lead teacher.


Year Program
5th-6th Official Programme, 5 hours of German and introduction to English.

Official Programme, 5 hours of German, 2 hours of English.


Official Programme, 5 hours of German, 2 hours of English.

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