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The admissions team from College & Lycee Saint-Charles is back on the road to recruit new students to come and study in Porrentruy in the Canton of Jura.

Meet our team:

Anna Petrova - Ukraine/Caucasus/Central Asia/Russia/Baltic states

Mark Silverstein - Europe/Asia/Middle-East/Americas

Let us begin a conversation about your personal needs and continue on through a campus visit, application, and interview - of course, we’ll be on hand every step of the way to guide you along your path to College and Lycee Saint-Charles.

We invite you to take a look at the Admissions | Collège et Lycée Saint-Charles page for a more comprehensive guide to the admissions process and how we can support you.To be admitted to the Collège et Lycée Saint-Charles, the ad hoc application form must be completed and sent to the Collège administration.

An interview with the admissions committee is required and the final registration is validated by the payment of the admission fee. Siblings' discounts do not apply to registration fees.

Calendar 2024

27-29 January Rome, Italy
3 February Warsaw, Poland
3 February Paris, France
4 February Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
6 February Geneva, Switzerland
8 February Milan, Italy
10 February Rome, Italy
21-24 February Hong Kong, China
24 February Almaty, Kazakhstan
25 February Astana, Kazakhstan
1 March Istanbul, Turkey
3 March Moscow, Russia
16-17 March Dubai, UAE
19-21 March Bangkok, Thailand
23 March Taipei, Taiwan
24 March Baku, Azerbaijan

17-18 April  Shenzhen, China
18-20 April London, United Kingdom
19-21 April Beijing, China
22-23 April Shanghai, China

23-24 April Guangzhou, China

25-26 April Shanghai, China

27 April Hangzhou, China

Apply now:

Application Form

Collège et Lycée Saint-Charles has partnered with Flywire to accept payments from international students worldwide. Easily and securely make education payments in your own currency, using local payment methods from the safety and convenience of your home. With real-time tracking and Around-the-clock multilingual support, millions of students and families around the world trust Flywire for payment processing.

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The first step is always to communicate interest and learn more about who we are as a school.  We want to answer all your questions and talk about your goals both now and for future studies to ensure that Saint-Charles is the right home for your family’s educational needs.  We treat each prospective student as a new member of our family, walking them through the process with patience and transparency. 

You will be placed in touch with the admissions representative for your region who will walk you through the process from start to completion:

Mark Silverstein- Head of Admissions

Anna Petrova – International Admissions

We will provide you documentation, answer all your questions, make introductions to key members of the leadership and teaching staff to fully guide your decision and, when you are ready, schedule a school visit and tour.

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There is no better way to truly get a sense of our school than to visit our classrooms, tour our campus and connect with our staff.  Our campus is open and welcoming visits throughout the year.

Suggested ways to visit:

1. Campus open day or generally inquiry

Visit our campus to gain an overview and understanding of our philosophy and educational system.  This is a great first step.

2. Personalized campus tour

Meet with our admissions team to learn more about what Saint-Charles offers for you.  Schedule your admissions interview at the same time as your visit and even your admissions exams while you are with us on campus.  We can arrange for a class visit or other experience to help determine if Saint-Charles is right for your family.

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Once you have gathered all the information you need to make your decision, it is time to complete the application.  You can download the application here to complete online or print it out and submit it via scan here.

You will need the following details for your applications

  • School reports for the last two years
  • Letter of recommendation speaking to your character and determination provided by a teacher you have had in the last two years
  • Scan of passport (color, please!)


Once we receive your completed application, we will schedule an interview and admissions testing as a part of your admissions journey.  Your admissions representative will facilitate scheduling this for you.

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Interview / Assessment

Our interview and assessment process is a step to allow us to ensure that we are the best school setting for your family.  We want to be sure that our talented team is the right match to guide your student to meet his/her goals.

You can expect:

  • Assessment Interview
  • Admission Testing

Our admission testing is not just to determine your student’s abilities but also to determine where their strengths lie.  We want to be sure that our rigorous programming is customized to meet your students’ unique abilities.

  • Language Assessment
    • IB Diploma: English Proficiency
    • Swiss Matura- English and French Proficiency
  • Maths
    • A general overview of math skills
Separate end

We hope at the end of this process; your family has chosen Saint-Charles for your educational needs to meet your families’ goals.  Our Head of Admissions will review all applications and respond to applications in roughly 10 days’ time.  There are three possibilities as a response to your application

  • Admittance: students will be welcomed into the Saint-Charles family with a full welcome package and visa procedures

*There are times where a provisional acceptance will be offered if a student completes a period of language study to ensure they will thrive in our multilingual environment.

  • Waitlist:  we are impressed with your student but need to wait until we have space in their desired program
  • Non-acceptance: it is possible that Saint-Charles is not the right fit for your family’s goals in which case we will regretfully extend a non-acceptance.  Occasionally, a non-acceptance will include steps to take in order to reapply in a stronger position.
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