Collège et Lycée Saint-Charles
Collège Saint-Charles
Collège Saint-Charles

A boarding school for citizens of the world

The mixed boarding school at the Collège & Lycée Saint-Charles enables several dozen students to be accommodated in a friendly, informal environment. Supervision is provided by prefects and team leaders. This environment allows students to live together in a pleasant, safe atmosphere. The mingling of the various nationalities present on campus promotes openness and stimulates curiosity, a key predisposition for entering the professional world of tomorrow.

Living areas such as the study room and the library provide a setting and an atmosphere that are conducive to serious, ongoing work. The gym, swimming pool and relaxation areas are available to the interns during their free time, offering them the indispensable physical counterpart for a balanced intellectual development.

Diversity: together and separate

Saint-Charles has been a mixed establishment since 1975. However, interns are housed in two separate areas.

Supervision: helping growth

The boarding school prefects are the main point of contact for the interns; they are present 24 hours a day to ensure that their studies go smoothly, and they organise interesting and fulfilling activities. The prefects stay in close contact with parents and the school’s management.

Community life and teaching at Saint-Charles are structured to help students with their development. The coherent, rigorous application of these rules contributes to the effectiveness of the institution and its harmony. If any problems should arise, the parents are contacted in order to resolve them swiftly.

Meals: energy for growth

The balanced meals served are prepared in the Saint-Charles kitchens. The establishment benefits from having the Fourchette Verte (Green Fork) label and has joined the Écoles en Santé (Healthy Schools) network (

Timetables: a full week

The boarding school is open five days a week, from Sunday evening (check-in possible until 9:15 pm) through to 4:20 pm on Friday. The students spend weekends and holidays at home.