Collège et Lycée Saint-Charles
Collège Saint-Charles
Collège Saint-Charles

5 good reasons to join us

Since 1897, the Collège & Lycée Saint-Charles has stayed faithful to its values of openness, humanism and respect for its traditions. It is a proud establishment, where youngsters receive the very best education in order to become tomorrow’s citizens of the world.

1. A holistic approach

An approach based on strong values (a spirit of openness, humanism and tradition). A life school, and a school for life.

2. Excellence in education

  • Complete curriculum from the 6th HarmoS through to the Maturité.
  • A recognised gymnasial Maturité can be obtained in four years. (Saint-Charles is one of the few private schools in French-speaking Switzerland to offer this.)
  • A bilingual French-English Maturité (unique in the Jura region)

3. Infrastructure

  • Modern campus, perfectly maintained, various buildings
  • Sports equipment, in-door swimming pool
  • A modern boarding school that can comfortably accommodate several dozen students

4. Level of care

  • Personalised monitoring of students, founded on support and listening
  • Smaller classes
  • A focus on learning strategies

5. Location

  • Proudly based in Porrentruy, in the Swiss Jura region
  • A safe place with a great quality of life
  • Located in peaceful green surroundings, at the foot of a magnificent castle.

Our slogan, “Accompagner pour grandir” (“Supporting Growth”) embodies the essence and the spirit of Saint-Charles. It reflects just how fortunate we are to be allowed to guide young people in such a holistic manner during a crucial period of their development, based on our fundamental values. It is our deeply cherished motivation to build and support the community of the Collège & Lycée Saint-Charles and to lead it into the future.