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St Charles, college, porrentruy

FAQ Covid-19 and school

The return to school on May 11th went well. Our primary and lower secondary students are in class. We obey the sanitary rules of the canton.

Classes for the high school students will be held according to the usual schedule online on the TEAMS platform in the Office 365 environment, which works for video conferencing and file work.

We do our best to meet your needs and those of your family. If you have any questions, please contact the school or contact your child's class teacher.


How to connect to the TEAMS platform

Students can log in with their identifiers to the Domaine Saint-Charles and to their class. If you forget your password, please write to Mrs Christèle Chapuis ([email protected]) who will reset it and send it by phone. Your child will then have to log in with the new password, change it and take note of it carefully. Without this sesame, he will not be able to work.

The teachers will be on line with them.

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Will there be tests? If so, what kind of tests will be taken by the students?

At the moment there are formative evaluations with assessments. We are thinking about other possibilities if the situation were to continue (e.g. online exams).

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As usual, the assignments given and the work requested during the online teaching are compulsory and must be delivered on time. We are all counting on your collaboration to ensure that your children complete the work requested by their teachers. In case of overwork, please let us know. This is how we will be able to maintain quality teaching and learning for your children.

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Is accompanied homework maintained?

A plan is maintained according to an adapted schedule is shared by the class teachers to the pupils. Access will be by a code provided by the class teachers to the pupils.

There may be several pupils during the same homework session and the teacher is present virtually to answer all questions.

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Are duty hours maintained?

Duty hours are maintained according to the usual schedules. Access by code will be given by the class teachers to the pupils.

There may be several pupils during the same duty period and the teacher is present virtually to answer all questions.

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How are the sports classes going?

They are continuing digitally. The students return a discovery work accoarding to their grade level. The sports teacher will put videos online to do exercises at home. Always connected, the teacher can see them and correct them.

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How do I submit assignments to TEAMS?

See pages 6 to 10 of TEAMS_guide_eleve_V1 below.

Also, teachers are available for any additional questions. 

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My kid needs his school stuff. Who do I contact to get them?

We know this will be the case and so we ask that you please contact the secretariat to make an appointment. Contact: [email protected] or 0324661157.

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What if we need to print assignments or courses and we don't have a printer?

We are here to help. Please contact the secretariat and make an appointment. Contact: [email protected] or 0324661157. Or by post.

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What can I do to make it easier for my child, who is easily distracted at home, to concentrate?

Where to set up to work?

Here are some tips that we advise to set up a space for remote learning:

1. Find the right place for your child to work. Is it alone in his/her room? Atthe kitchen table, closer to you?  Preferably in a quiet place.

2. Avoid sources of distraction (e.g. video games, social media).

3. Arrange his/her workspace to be as comfortable and functional as possible: back supported, feet firmly on the floor and if he/she is in front of a computer for a while make sure he/she has an angle of about 30 degrees in the bend of his elbows.

4. Be sure the space is well lit. It is important that your child works with adequate lighting. Too little light can tire the eyes and reduce their ability to concentrait.

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What is the ideal learning environment for distance learning courses?

Some ideas include:

  • A suitable place to study away from distractions.
  • Respect the school schedule.
  • It is important to take scheduled breaks away from the screen.


Please see tab "What can i do to make it easier fo rmy child, who is easily distracted at home, to concentrate?"

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How can I contact my child's teachers if I have questions?

Please refer to the list of teachers' email addresses you received at the beginning of the year.  If you can no longer located that list please, ask the secretariat.

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How can we help our children organize their day?

Maintaining a regular schedule is key for children to maintain their progress in the course and reducce anxiety related to this challgneing time.  Keep up with school so studentts don't fall nehind. Daily planning allows you to "normalize" the situation and to structure everyone's day, to keep as much as possible the usual reference points. 

If you are working from home, talk to your child about how your are accommodating your change of work schedule.  Discuss importants meetings and schedules to encourage collaboration and focus in your child.

Breaks are essential for breathing: respect the breaks in the school schedule that already allow you to change your mind and do not leave your children on screens after school, or only for a limited time.

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