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Admissions are usually processed at the beginning of the school year. In some instances students may enrol at another point in the year, depending on the places available.

Personal information of students

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Other legal representative
Family situation
student is currently attending the school
Details of current establishment
The student wishes to start his or her studies at the Collège
Medical questionnaire
Does your child benefit from special support measures ?
Does your child have any particular illnesses?
Emergency details
Swiss AVS insurance
Family GP
documents to be attached

Enrolment conditions

  1. By enrolling their child, parents commit themselves for the entire school year. If the enrolment is withdrawn less than two months before the beginning of the school year, a penalty of CHF 500 will be charged. Registry fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
  2. Any disputes that may arise from this registration will be adjudicated by the Courts of Porrentruy.
  3. The signatories declare themselves expressly and jointly responsible for the payment of all expenses (school fees, board, lodging, taxes, etc.) related to their child’s attendance of the Collège. The financial conditions stipulated by the Collège at the moment of the application shall form an integral part of the contract.
  4. They must take note of all of the school’s regulations and undertake to enforce them.
  5. A student’s enrolment at the Collège shall be effective only when this form has been returned, duly completed and signed, to the Rectorate of the Collège, and the registration fee of CHF 200 has been paid. This is to be done within 30 days of registration.
  6. Image rights: Photos or videos may be taken during the various organised activities taking place inside or outside the school. By signing the registration form, parents authorise the Collège to use this material for the school’s own purposes (on its website, in the Saint-Charles journal, etc...) Should this provision not be accepted, the parents must cross out point 6 and notify us of their decision by signed letter.
  7. By signing this registration form, parents or legal guardians declare that they have not concealed any important information about the student’s academic, medical, psychological or personal background. Otherwise, the student may be dismissed.