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Keller Family - Testimony of April 7, 2020

"The day after the Federal Council announced the interruption of face-to-face classes on Friday, March 13, we received information from management on the working arrangements that would come into effect two days later. 

And what was announced has been achieved and continues to be achieved! From Monday 16 March, at 8.15 a.m., according to the usual schedule, our two children, enrolled in the last semester of secondary school in two different classes, were installed in front of their computers, each connected with their respective teachers. 

The teachers adapted immediately, had to rethink their classes, find alternate methods to capture the students' attention while trying to minimize screen time. What a successful challenge, especially when you consider that the class schedules were maintained according to the program, from 08:15 to 16:30! Really BRAVO! 

Management, administration and teaching staff, through the class leaders, all take the time to inform us, the parents, at least once a week and more in case of dysfunction. We are very grateful to them. 

The Direction takes the temperature regularly, most recently with a survey, in order to keep listening to the students and especially to improve what can be improved. This is very reassuring for us. 

Our children are boarders in this establishment and feel all the more deprived of their usual life in the school, but a new routine has been established and everyone is doing their best, our children too and this is remarkable. In this particular context, the school continues to be an example for them, an example of great flexibility, of not giving up, of not giving up, of finding quality solutions to face the most unexpected situations. 

The duration of this confinement is unknown. Thanks to the arrangements that the management has organised and the commitment of the teachers, we are fully confident that our children will learn, even if it lasts until the summer: they will be ready for high school. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of you!"

Clara Dematteis Keller and Stefan Keller 


Testimony of a secondary school teacher, April 2020 (GIP) 

"On the evening of February 7 of this year, I shared a meal with a former colleague from Saint-Charles. During our discussions, we talked about the use of technology in teaching. If, at that time, I had been told that this would become my daily life, I would never have believed it! This is what is called a premonitory discussion that I am not prepared to forget.  

As someone who does not particularly appreciate change, I must admit that this distance learning experience has been surprisingly positive. After three weeks of hindsight, I analyze this success by combining three factors: 1. the students are cooperative; 2. the Teams platform is incredibly versatile and efficient; 3. my professional experience has allowed me to quickly set up routines.  

I am fully aware that if one of the first two elements were not present, my testimony would be less positive. Fortunately, this is not the case, and I often find myself thinking I am in class and smile when students ask me in the middle of class if they can go to the bathroom.  

No, I don't want to suggest that this teaching can be a lasting substitute for classroom teaching. The interpersonal relationship is irreplaceable. On the eve of Easter, I cannot help drawing a parallel with the liturgical time we are living. Indeed, we are currently going through the time of Lent, the time of the desert that announces Resurrection Sunday, the time of the return to life. It is in this hope that I wish each and every one of you beautiful feasts to come!" 


Satisfied parent

Many thanks.  My daughter was in boarding school in Collège St. Charles for the 4th and 5th grades ( when I worked as legal counsel for Swatch Group). It is an excellent school.  I had her exposed to French and German at an early age before the "language center" in the brain closed. What she learned during her two years at St. Charles stood her in good stead when she later did her  middle school at Lakefield College in Canada and IB at Kings-Edge Hill in Nova Scotia.  She speaks very beautiful fluent French and St. Charles gave her this.

I can recommend this school.

Best  Wishes


Mr. Mangione, father of a boarding student 

"Thanks to the virtual portal, our son was able to take his classes from the first day of confinement. We congratulate St. Charles for this perfectly mastered digital approach!" 


Mrs. Aubry, mother of an elementary school student 

Tell me about home school !

The virus was already with us but our children were still going to school. 

In a split second, everything changed: the announcement of the abrupt school closures brought us to a thunderous organization.  

Our children first thought of the "big holidays" but the St-Charles College quickly caught up with the schoolchildren with a lot of professionalism. 

On the parents' side, there is the shock; organising themselves differently, being available, installing a computer, the wi-fi must be at the top and a lot of questions arise for the days to come. 

My testimony is of course specific to the experience of our family. Everyone lives this situation in a different way.  

Our family has decided to isolate itself except for shopping and dad has to go to work. The children still don't realize that for a while they won't be able to see each other anymore. As the days go by, I am amazed at the cheerfulness, the good mood, that floats around the house. The school schedule is relatively well respected. Elodie is lucky to have her sister, an apprentice computer scientist at the CEJEF, who has installed a computer from A to Z in her room. 

Above all, I must salute the virtual presence of all the teachers of the 8H class. They show patience, motivation and know how to follow the children in the online courses. Always on time in the morning? Almost, bof, sometimes with our eyes still half open, but we are present. The bedroom door closes until the lunch break. As I walk down the hallway I hear Mrs. B. (teacher) giving instructions...take scissors, glue, and MOTHER !!! I can't find any glue! So we run to find some and she can continue her work. And then MOTHER !!!! I'm out of paper in the printer, hurry ! And in the morning, calling her sister "Help" very, very loudly, my computer doesn't work ! Come quickly I'll be late !  

As parents, we don't have to help much with homework and school activities. I have noticed the importance of being present, supervising and setting the pace of the day. This of course thanks to the good organization and availability of the teachers, even during Easter! 

The 8H teachers at St-Charles College know how to work in a positive way and keep the right direction for the continuity of the school distance learning and this in collaboration with the parents who have received regular status reports. This way we always know where we stand week after week. In this way we keep our confidence for the future. Thank you very much! 

Of course, we miss our friends, the trips with friends, the time together. There is a strong friendship and a wonderful complicity between them. 

And finally, with time, we have been able to adapt, find our place, live together, "at school" as well as at home. But what a joy it will be to be all together again at school and to go home in the evening almost as before. 


 The +

Knowing how to manage yourself / Teachers 8 hours / Working documents / Weekend report / Super remote monitoring / Availability / No more long trips / More sleep 

 The - 

No longer seeing friends / No more help with daily chores at home / When will school start again / Fear of the risks of the disease. 


Mrs Cerna, mother of two highschool students in Saint-Charles

"In this particular context that we are going through, distance learning has been set up at the Collège and Lycée Saint-Charles.
I can only salute the responsiveness of the management and the involvement of all the teaching staff, not forgetting to mention that of the secretariat, which, 48 hours after the announcement of the closure of the schools, enabled each student to continue his or her schooling.
Precise measures have been taken and have been maintained to this day:
Computers made available as well as technical assistance for those who needed it, a constant link between the management, the teachers and the parents. And then what about the invaluable work of each teacher to innovate, reassure, accompany each student while maintaining the cohesion of the group ...
The involvement and willingness of all the teaching staff whom I salute - just like our carers - enables our children today to take advantage of this life experience while remaining committed to learning at school."



Témoignage d'une enseignante MYP, avril 2020 (ALP)

“One of the advantages of this situation has been the obligation to reflect on the most appropriate methodology for the online lessons.  I've had to think long about what approach I wanted in my online classes. Since they are synchronous lessons, one must consider carefully what is the better approach for their subject, I think. For my subjects (Geography & languages) I reckon that the tasks have to be shorter because communication is not so fluid and the students have to be able to work more independently but it takes them a bit longer to complete the work cause they are more used to work on paper when they are in class. 

The negative part is that I am very concerned about the isolation of the students. Teenagers need that daily contact with their friends, interaction in class. Before the online classes started, I thought that maybe one-day online teaching would be the future. Now I don't see it so clearly. Maybe online lessons can replace part of the school life, but not all of it. 
Also, working with screens all the time is very tiring on the eyes.  In this sense, it's been good for me to remind myself to take breaks every half hour where I don't look at the screen for a few minutes. 
I think the support from the school has been very positive. I have found it very interesting to get to know this Microsoft platform, Teams, and all its possibilities. I am experimenting with it and making good use of it and I think I will continue to use it when we return to class, as a tool for communication with students, to organize materials and their work.” 


Testimony of a mother of a high school student

"I am the mother of a teenager who has been attending the Lycée St-Charles for 4 years, and while I have always greatly appreciated the teaching and personalized supervision of the students at this school, I must point out the excellence of the care provided during such a destabilizing and anxiety-provoking period. The students had already been prepared for the eventuality of a confinement 15 days before the start of the home program, and it started perfectly from the very beginning of the program. The class schedules are identical to those provided within the school by videoconference. So they certainly bring a certain visual fatigue, everything is not absolutely perfect but overall things are going very well with notes of humour and above all what seems to me essential, offers a point of anchorage and stability in a period that is disturbed and unsettling to say the least.  

I can only thank the entire teaching staff, and wish them all the best for the rest of this very special time."

L. Brossard 


Testimony of an elementary school teacher, April 2020 (JUM)

"I left St. Charles' on March 18th and it feels like it's been an eternity !!! 

The online courses are going very well even if the workload is considerable compared to face to face. 

What is missing the most is the students. I am always happy to hear them, to recognize their voices again. 

We also have some very funny situations, discussions that we wouldn't normally have... For example:

- A student: "Madam, I'm very bored and I don't have any more recipe ideas... "

Neither one nor two, everybody exchanged on his recipes and we created a group on Teams to exchange all our recipes !! 

The case also of another student who is very isolated because he doesn't have an internet connection anymore. I'm doing the relay to transmit the work to him and do the follow-up. I have him on the phone every day. 

When I tell you that it changes our practices, it pushes us around but it also brings a lot of exchanges... "


Testimony of the Bandelier family

We're in our fourth week of home schooling.

From day one Benjamin knew how to use Teams. The school had anticipated things very well and was ready with software that works, is simple to use and had already been explained to the students in class.

The first days were the most difficult. Benjamin is a dyspraxic student with attention deficit disorder and having to rearrange his days was not easy. But fortunately, I am lucky to be at home, and with a little help, now everything is fine. For most of the lessons he manages alone and is doing quite well. Only one branch is more complicated for him (French = 6 lessons). We decided together that I would accompany him during his lessons so that he can follow.


Parent Testimonial, March 2020

"I would like to warmly congratulate the teachers of St-Charles for their work and commitment during this period of online teaching. Being in contact with other parents, I know that it does not happen this way in other schools where students receive packs of forms to fill in without the help of a teacher. "


Olivier Daucourt, President of the Alumnis du Collège et Lycée Saint Charles 

"Today, no less than 8,000 alumni have studied at Saint Charles. Our role is to energize this network and to spread the values of Saint Charles internationally. »


Lidia and Claude Zimmermann

"We are very grateful to St. Charles College, where three of our children were enrolled in grades 6 and 11. For financial reasons, we could not have let them finish their schooling at the college, but thanks to the alumni scholarship, our children were able to continue their schooling at your school. They were very happy to be able to benefit from the education and friendship with their classmates until the end. :-) A big THANK YOU!"


Jonas Schicker ('99) 

"The quality of the environment and the human environment has given me a lot and allowed me to build myself. Back in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the values taught still accompany me day after day. » 


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